Diagnosed with anorexia in 2014, I have had a lot to learn. Regan has helped me through this journey in so many ways. From the very beginning, her compassion and encouragement have been such a blessing. I had a very distorted view of food, my body, and exercise. She patiently answered all the questions I had and helped me through the process of eating differently, accepting my body, and exercising in a healthy manner. Regan has also shown me the connection between the eating disorder behaviors and other aspects of my life. She has given me a great balance between getting out of my comfort zone, but also not moving too quickly that Iā€™m overwhelmed. I highly recommend Regan to anyone searching for a dietician for any reason. She obviously knows what she is doing, and is just a wonderful person. ~L

I have been seeing Regan for the treatment of my eating disorder for the past three years. She is profoundly knowledgeable and she presents a wide range of information, challenges, and approaches for her clients. Regan is highly personable and one of the most honest, genuine individuals that I know; she balances both compassion and veracity, which makes her incredibly easy to trust. She has always met where I am at and I credit so much of the progress that I have made in my recovery to her. -M